EVENT: Johanna Sitomaniemi-San’s defends her PhD-thesis ” Fabricating the Teacher as Researcher: A Genealogy of Research-Based Teacher Education in Finland”

Johanna’s study examines the current discourse of research based teacher education since its emergence during the 1970s reform that ‘scientized’ teacher education. Drawing on Foucauldian approaches of genealogy and governmentality studies, the purpose of this study is to explore the current presence of ‘research’ in Finnish teacher education and consider the effects of the ways in which the notion of research is mobilised in the discourse. The study concludes that the effects of a scientific approach to teacher education are visible in the ways research-based teacher education comes to evoke specific teacher inner qualities and dispositions that are aligned with humanist aspirations and ideals for education and social progress. The study provides an alternative way for perceiving of and problematizing research-based teacher education as well as of the often uneasy relationship between teacher training and the university. In this way, the study attempts to complicate conversations and open up alternative ways of engaging with academic knowledge and practices in teacher education curriculum and research.

SEE MORE: http://jultika.oulu.fi/Record/isbn978-952-62-0993-7


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