DISCUSSING SCIENCE: Represented at AERA in Washington DC

Pauliina, Maija and Päivi attended the 100th Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) at Washington DC, USA (7th-12th of April). SAND was represented by three individual papers and Pauliina also chaired two more sessions.


Pauliina’s paper was titled “Who’s afraid of a running child?” in the session Reconceptualizing the Making and Taking of Early Childhood Public Spaces. Other scholars in the session were Casey Myers, Rochelle Hostler, Marek Tesar and Päivi Jokinen. Päivi’s paper in the session was titled “Cyborgian ethnography with children and spatial literacies”.

Maija’s paper “Emerging emotions in poststructural participant ethnography in education” was held in the symposium session Methodologies of Researching Emotions in Teaching and Teacher Education. Other papers in the session were by Julie E. McLeod, Candace Kuby, Michalinos Zembylas and Keffrelyn Brown.

Pauliina also chaired two sessions by the Common Worlds Collective scholars (www.commonworlds.net):

  • Common World Pedagogies for the Anthropocene: A More-Than-Human Take on Environmental Education-as-Collective Action with Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, Narda Nelson, Fikile Nxumalo and Affrica Taylor (absent)
  • Common Worlding Methods: Enacting Empirical Postqualitative Educational Research

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