DISCUSSING SCIENCE: Mobile phones, animals, politics and photos

Riikka, Tuure, Pauliina and Kristiina participated in the 7th Conference on Childhood Studies, organised at the University of Turku, June 6th-8th (http://www.childhood2016.fi). The presentations by SAND members included:

Riikka Hohti, Minna Ruckenstein & Katarina Stenberg. ‘Put your mobile phones away, please’ – a nomadic study on child-digital device-assemblages in classroom.

Pauliina Rautio, Riikka Hohti, Tuure Tammi & Riitta-Marja Leinonen. Nonhuman animals in children’s everyday lives: a review of research. 

Tuure Tammi. Are there politics in hybrid childhoods? Experimenting with children’s entanglements in mold school.

Kristiina Välimäki. “Can you take a photo of my little things?”

tuure kristiina


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