EVENTS: a supermotivating SAND summer seminar!

SAND collective gathered for a summer seminar today at Oulu with altogether 14 members (plus a baby).

SAND group picture

The day was filled with presentations of key concepts we work with when studying the social and material conditions of education: affect, assemblage, subjectivation, governance, dwelling, enchantment and territorialisation to mention but a few. Pauliina attempted to map how concepts are used as methods by the collective.

Riikka brought greetings from the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry and we discussed Maggie MacLure’s insightful keynote of the promises and perils of new materialist inquiry, namely the lure of mere linguistic play which can end up reinforcing romanticised humanism rather than exercising posthumanist de-centering of the human subject. We thank Maggie for sharing her work in progress and enabling our conversations around it!

We discussed smartphones as hubs of subjectivation, leadership as beyond human phenomenon, affective flows of force in teacher education, teacher statement forms as agentive forces of governance, enchantment as simultaneously immersion and disconnect, and the troubling notion of ‘change’ (if we agree that everything is in flux all the time) – to name but a fragment of fundamental issues we managed to touch.

Above all we had an amazingly fun, productive, motivating and safe and happy space to share our messy and unfinished research ideas and thoughts. Stay tuned for future productions!



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