EVENTS: Writing getaway at Merikylä

Pauliina’s in-laws have a cottage next to Merikylä’s tiny fishing harbor. Six of us SAND collective researchers, two dogs and Pauliina’s son spent the weekend there writing and walking on the ice of Bothnian Bay.


Päivi read Barad and thought about agential realism in research of literacies. Antti worked on two related manuscripts about mobile phone use in schools, Marian began a review of arts based methods, and Tuure and Pauliina worked on conceptualising worm-child encounters with Jamie Lorimer’s texts. Maija also came by and took part in the discussions ranging from representations of people in Tinder to what non-representational theory really means.


The weekend hosted rain, sleet, sunshine, starry skies, long saunas, good food, and academic friends to think and work with. SAND is a bunch of lucky, clever, hardworking and beautiful people. Glad to have found you all!

— Pauliina



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