EVENTS: Post-approaches flourish at NERA!

The 45th Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA) was held on 23-25 March 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.There were 701 participants who contributed. The theme of the congress was (close to Sand interests):

Learning and education – material conditions and consequences

One of the most vivid and intense networks seemed to be Network 22 Post-approaches to Education, which hosted six sessions all full with audience. The network also launched a pre-conference with workshops and lectures by Dorthe Staunes, Malou Juelskjaer and Hillevi Lenz-Taguchi. Next year’s Nera will be in Oslo, and the network plans to arrange a pre-conference in the form of a PhD seminar in that connection.

There were presentations by two Sand members in this year’s conference. In the session “Smartphones and laptops in classrooms” Antti Paakkari together with Verneri Valasmo  talked about “Tracing movements in the enhanced classroom space. Students’ smartphones use during lessons”. Riikka Hohti was part of a Nordic symposium on Affirmative Critique by her presentation “A non-representational attempt to map child-smartphone-entanglements: Taking a thing-focus”.


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