OUT NOW: life and species lines

Freshly squeezed, a commentary paper by Pauliina:

RAUTIO, Pauliina. Thinking about life and species lines with Pietari and Otto (and garlic breath). TRACE ∴ Finnish Journal for Human-Animal Studies, [S.l.], v. 3, p. 94-102, apr. 2017. ISSN 2343-0591. Available at: <http://trace.journal.fi/article/view/63310>

“This paper is dedicated to my non-human/more-than-human co-authorsPietari of the Columbae family and Otto of the Corvidae family. Together we write about how the notion of “life” can be understood beyond species categories, beyond individual bodies and beyond linear time. That is, when “a life” refers to something shared, something multiple, rather than something singular. We also write about and take up concepts as methods in a multispecies inquiry (Rautio, in press). In this paper, multispecies inquiry is not only an inquiry with and between species but inquiry into the very idea of there being multiple species – it is a deconstruction and a reconsideration of life divided by species lines.”


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