DISCUSSING: Taboo, now with Pauliina!

Pauliina is very excited to join the editorial board of Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education. Thanks for the invitation to the editors in chief Kenneth J. Varner & David Lee Carlson. And now, everyone – here’s your chance to send compelling and controversial manuscripts our way. Go on, explore the limits of academia.


Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education is an academic forum for the study of teaching and pedagogy that focuses on the relationship between education and its socio-cultural context. Drawing upon a variety of contextualizing disciplines including cultural studies, curriculum theorizing, feminist studies, the social foun- dations of education, critical pedagogy, multi/interculturalism, queer theory, and symbolic interactionism, Taboo is grounded on the notion of “radical contextualization.” The journal encourages papers from a wide range of contributors who work within these general areas. As its title suggests, Taboo seeks compelling and controversial submissions.



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