OUT NOW: Snow as data buddy

A recently published book chapter, authored by Pauliina and Anna, named “On how to befriend data as an ontologically significant research companion” is OUT NOW. It is a part of the book “Disrupting Data in Qualitative Inquiry Entanglements with the Post-Critical and Post-Anthropocentric”, edited by Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Teija Löytönen and Marek Tesar.

“In this chapter data is personified and befriended as an ontologically significant nonhuman other. Data are/is someone we work with, a companion, a colleague. Someone who is interested in us and manages to get our attention. Someone with whom we come into being as of certain kind: someone who is, in this sense, life-giving. As such, data does not represent as if an outside reality, he is not a courier or a mediator, rather a companion with whom we gain ever new possibilities of being.”

“We rarely (want to) view persons as mechanistic, one-sided, straightforward, predictable or independent of history. We can argue with friends, disagree with them, deceive them, praise them, stroke and cuddle with them. Leave them. Come back. Think about them while gone. Then think about what friends do to us. They make us see ourselves through their eyes. They comfort, annoy, remind, keep us on our toes but also relax us. We want to spend time together because of the productive differences between who we are. Is this not something a post-qualitative scholar would want her relationship with data to be like?”


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