EVENTS: Post-approaches flourish at NERA!

The 45th Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA) was held on 23-25 March 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.There were 701 participants who contributed. The theme of the congress was (close to Sand interests): Learning and education – material conditions and consequences One of the most vivid and intense networks seemed to be Network 22… Read More EVENTS: Post-approaches flourish at NERA!

EVENTS: Bullying as the tip of the iceberg

Maija Lanas worked as a trainer, together with Tomi Kiilakoski in an intensive training day for various professionals working with children and youth in the Oulu region. Bullying is usually discussed as a simple, definable phenomenon that can be placed into specific students and treated by attending to these students or by excluding these students.… Read More EVENTS: Bullying as the tip of the iceberg

EVENTS: Discussing youth work in school in Nuori 2017 event

In the current educational climate in Finland, there is a call for more space for student participation in school, more opportunities for homes to impact education, and more effort in multi-professional groups in school. The new national core curriculum in Finland emphasizes these. Maija gave an invited lecture in the Nuori 2017 event in Tampere,… Read More EVENTS: Discussing youth work in school in Nuori 2017 event

EVENTS: Fanfareto AARE

Fanfare to AARE (read this with a touch of Italian accent) – by Anna Once upon a spacetime, Pauliina and Anna found themselves in a Melbourne-based conference dedicated to research in education (for becoming hummus with Pauliina squeeze yourself through these letters). Anna’s academic journey began from greeting waters that wash the Australian Terra, listening… Read More EVENTS: Fanfareto AARE

EVENTS: Becoming hummus in Melbourne

Pauliina’s and Anna’s first ever Australian Association for Research in Education annual meeting started with considering Nietzsche on misery and education. This uplifting session was provided by the Educational Philosophy and Theory SIG. The misery seemed to be that of clinging on to humanism as providing a refuge from the chaotic world populated by animality… Read More EVENTS: Becoming hummus in Melbourne

EVENTS: ‘Pissing in the wind’ at the Antipodes

Pauliina attended a week long conference – ‘Wild Thinking’ Summer Institute of the Antipodes – at the University of West Sydney in Australia (a collaboration between WSU and Manchester Metropolitan University). The masterminds behind the amazingly inspiring week were the Asia-Pacific (and UK) gurus of post-structural qualitative inquiry Margaret Somerville, Maggie MacLure, Eileen Honan, Marek Tesar,… Read More EVENTS: ‘Pissing in the wind’ at the Antipodes