UPCOMING: Today with Denzin and Davies!

Spoiler alert: If you plan to attend the Critical Qualitative Inquiry SIG session this afternoon (US, EST) at UIUC in the ICQI – FYI: the following is Pauliina’s panel speech.  Pauliina is once again loud about speciesism, this time in a panel of critical qualitative inquirers at the International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry held at the University of… Read More UPCOMING: Today with Denzin and Davies!

UPCOMING: Keynote lecture about human–pigeon cohabiting

Pauliina will be giving a keynote lecture at the annual meeting of the Finnish Society of Human Animal Studies in Joensuu, April 25.-26. http://elaintutkimus.edublogs.org/tapahtumia/elaintutkimuspaivat-2016/ The keynote abstract in Finnish: Sattumalta jaetut elämät − Ihmisten ja pulujen keskinäisestä kesyyntymisestä syntyy villejä tuloksia  Tavanomaisia lemmikki–ihminen suhteita rytmittävät ja jäsentävät oppaat, valjaat, hihnat, kupit, kynsileikkurit, rokotukset ja ruokavalioväittelyt. Harraste-… Read More UPCOMING: Keynote lecture about human–pigeon cohabiting

UPCOMING: Mapping historical material and affective entanglements

Tuija Huuki’s and Sandra Juutilainen’s manuscript “Mapping historical material and affective entanglements in sámi woman’s discriminatory experiences in and beyond Finnish boarding school” was accepted in the “Workshop on Affect and Methods with Lisa Blackman & Patricia Clough”, which will take place at University of Tampere, Finland, May 23–24, 2016. read more: http://affective-inequalities.fi/en/

UPCOMING: Darkness matters!

Pauliina took part in an intensive methodological seminar held in Nokia. The weekend activities grounded an upcoming special issue of Reconceptualising Educational Research Methodologies, called Darkness Matters. Edited by Pauliina Rautio, Teija Rantala and Camilla Andersen, the special issue hosts a collaborative and experimental piece by Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Ann-Merete Otterstad, Jayne Osgood, Hanna Guttorm, Zsuzsa… Read More UPCOMING: Darkness matters!