omaPauliina Rautio (PhD, Adjunct Professor, University of Oulu) utilises posthumanist theoretical and methodological approaches in studying education and childhoods beyond humanism and notions of development. She asks: Who and what take part in education in addition to humans, in which ways, and why should we care? Of special interest to her are child–animal relations. And especially close to her heart you’ll find human–pigeon cohabituation.
pauliina.rautio (*)


kuvatyöMaija Lanas (PhD, Adjunct Professor, University of Oulu) is a postdoctoral researcher and a lecturer funded by the Academy of Finland (2013-2016). She is interested in the implicit exclusionary mechanisms in education. Her ongoing research focuses on the subjectification processes of Finnish student teachers during initial teacher education.
maija.lanas (*)



Anne Koskela (MA, PhD researcher, University of Oulu) In her ongoing doctoral research located in the field of history of education Anne looks at normalisation discourses between professional experts in school and in a child guidance clinic in Northern Finland in 1968-1991.

anne.j.koskela (*)



Johanna Sitomaniemi-San’s (PhD, University of Oulu) post-doctoral research project examines current and historical mobilisations of the notion of ”curiosity” in cultural and educational spaces. She engages poststructural and postcolonial theories in order to consider and problematize the ways in which curiosity constructs specific kinds of individuals (such as citizens, learners, children) as well as the conditions through which curiosity makes (im)possible the production of knowledge about (being in) the world.


Tuija Huuki

Tuija Huuki (PhD, University of Oulu) has extensive experience of working as primary school and special education teacher. She works currently as post-doctoral researcher of the Academy of Finland. Her research develops new knowledge of how gender-based violence shapes children’s peer and relationship cultures (age 6–12). Applying insights from new feminist materialist and post-human theory, she investigates how gendered violence emerges through social, material, historical and affective power relations that impact children’s lives in expected and unexpected ways. Tuija is located in Women’s and gender Studies, University of Oulu, Finland.


KristiinaKristiina Välimäki (MA Education, PhD researcher, University of Oulu) is interested in what kinds of social and material relations children live in and how those relationships matter for their well-being. In her PhD research she asks, how photographing everyday life in school can be used to support positive interaction between children and adults.
valimaki.kristiina (*)


Riikka metsätapettiRiikka Hohti (PhD, University of Helsinki). After her careers as a violinist and a class teacher, Riikka now is doing research in the intersections of childhood studies, education, and posthumanist/new materialist theories. Her doctoral study asks “What is happening in the classroom?” with an emphasis on what matters for the children. As part of the study she develops an open-ended participatory approach ‘classroom diaries’ and employs experimental ways to engage in analyzing the children’s writings beyond representation. Her research interests continue to be guided by what comes to matter for contemporary childhoods, and they include children and digital devices, animals, and zombies.
riikka.hohti (*)



Ayako Shimada (MA Curation, MA Education, PhD researcher, University of Oulu) approaches the educational potentiality of events that make no sense (incomprehensibility) in expanding human interaction with the socio-material environment. Of special interest to her is the making-no-sense in exhibitions of contemporary visual art.
ayacoshimada (* )



Anna Vladimirova (MA Education, PhD researcher, University of Oulu) is exploring posthumanist praxes and a biomimetic approach to education, in particular environmental education. Among her main research interests are human-trees relationships and the ways people engage with nature in order to create meaningful knowledge together.


tuureTuure Tammi (MA Education, PhD researcher, University of Helsinki) is originally an elementary school teacher and will complete his PhD degree in 2016. Tuure holds a four-year position (2012-2016) as a full time employed doctoral student at the Department of Teacher Education at University of Helsinki. In his dissertation he studies questions of political education in school context from an everyday perspective. He is also preparing a project on microbiological agents and bio-sociality in education.
tuure.tammi (*)


Antti Paakkari (M. Soc. Sc, BA, PhD Researcher) is writing his Ph.D in University of Helsinki. He is interested in the effects of technology on school space and power relations. He has written on knowledge capitalism, affective work and critical pedagogy. Presently Antti is working in a project called Textmöten that looks at upper secondary school student’s communication and technology use during school days

sand rainbowVirpi Timonen (MA, PhD researcher, University of Oulu) is working on her dissertation in the field of educational leadership. Her interest lies in posthumanist theories and methodologies to find out who and what matters in leadership.
virpi.timonen (*)



noora (3)

Noora Pyyry (PhD, Post Doc Researcher, University of Helsinki) is currently doing research on participation, everyday politics and ‘thinking with’ urban spaces. She uses posthuman, non-representational theorization to study the multiple forces that are at work in everyday encounters from which spatial-embodied thinking and learning emerges. She is especially intrigued by the experience of enchantment in everyday life.
noora.pyyry (*)

päiviPäivi Jokinen
(MA Education, PhD researcher, University of Oulu) is working on her PhD dissertation. She is currently on parental leave.




hannan kuvaHanna Guttorm (PhD, Sámi University College) works as an associate professor in Sámi teacher education. She lives, struggles and gets inspired by new materialist and post humanist theories in searching and co-creating social, material and ecological solidarity, especially with autoethnographic and collaborative writing-moving-becoming.


CV pic.MarianMarian Tumanyan (MA Education and Psychology, PhD researcher, University of Oulu) has experience as a school counsellor and online teacher. In her PhD research Marian explores the ways arts-based methods enable children at risk to express their entanglements in gender-based violence. Marian is part of the Women’s and Gender Studies research group, University of Oulu, Finland.



Maria Helena Saari (MA, Master in Animal Law and Society, PhD researcher, University of Oulu) has a background in ESL teaching and management. Maria’s PhD research focuses on assessing the speciesist and anthropocentric values implicit in the socialisation process of children and the role of humane education in re-examining the human-nonhuman animal relationship and its potential to shift the status quo.