Photo copyrights Kristiina Välimäki

AniMate / Significant Others – How Animals Matter in Children’s Everyday Lives
Emil Aaltonen foundation, 2017-2019
Principal investigator Pauliina Rautio
Co-investigators Riikka Hohti, Tuure Tammi and Riitta-Marja Leinonen

Wonder, Culture, and Civilisation: Educating Subjects and Objects of Curiosity
Foundations’ PostDoc Pool, 2017-2019
Principal investigator Johanna Sitomaniemi-San

Naming the World – Early years literacy and sustainability learning
Australian Research Council, 2016-2018
Chief investigators Margaret Somerville, Anette Woods, Iris Duhn
Partner investigator Pauliina Rautio

The School as a Sociomaterial Meeting Place
Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation, 2016-2017
Principal investigator Tuure Tammi

Experiments with dwelling and participation in urban space: Everyone’s right to the city?
Kone Foundation, 2016–2018
Principal Investigator Noora Pyyry

Re-inscribing discursive performatives that produce social exclusion through teacher education
Academy of Finland, 2013-2016
Principal investigator Maija Lanas

Gender Equity, Conflict, and Power among Young Children: investigating children’s peer and relationship cultures in schools and preschools
Academy of Finland, 2012-2016
Principal Investigator Tuija Huuki

Dwelling with the City – Children and young people as participating residents
Academy of Finland, 2011-2015
Principal investigator Sirpa Tani
Co-investigators Pauliina Rautio, Noora Pyyry, Reetta Hyvärinen

March – Marginalisation and Childhood in Teacher Education
University of Oulu Strategic Funds, 2012-2015
Principal investigators Maija Lanas, Pauliina Rautio
Co-investigator Anne Koskela